Our Itinerary

Apprentices will be working in different locations during their classes. The weavers will work in the compound while the broom and basket classes will be held in two different locations; the basket class will be held in the compound and the broom class will be held in the village near the compound within walking distance. The pottery classes will be held in a village several miles away and will require two types of transportation and a short walk to arrive.

Here is the schedule at a glance; Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3
August :: WEEK TWO
30th Monday

31st Tuesday

1st Wednesday

2nd Thursday

3rd Friday
Report to class
Lunch Continue
Independent Traditional Work at the compound
Ewe Language & Cultural Lesson
Daily Briefing: QA
Down Time
Evening Meal
Quiet Time
4th Saturday4am departure - Cultural Excursion
5th SundayCultural Excursion continued. Return to Denu midday.
* Due to the time and method required to travel round trip to Kuli, we will have morning sessions in the village. Clay will be available at the compound for independent practice after lunch. Pottery students will stop making pots at the end of the second week so they can dry in time for firing to take home. Weather may impact the production and firing of your pottery and is beyond our control. The trip dates were chosen to lessen the chances of encountering all-day rains.

** All classes are held outside so weather will impact your class, and is beyond our control. Therefore, unfortunately, no fees will be refunded due to weather.

***The basket classes will be held in morning session on-site for two weeks. The broom classes are held after lunch, for one week, in the neighboring village that is within walking distance from the compound.