Cultural and Historical
Interspersed within your two + weeks of intense,hands on, artistic experiences will be one cultural trip to a national and historically significant site.

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We will also introduce those of you new to travel in West Africa, rural Ghana in particular, to a ride on the local public transportation called a “Trotro” and visit on a traditional market day in the town of Denu. There you will be able to buy items of interest to eat and wear. This will be a great place to also replenish your bottled water supply from a local store owner just at the edge of the market, and sit down at a local establishment for a cold beverage, practice your Ewe (or French – we are very close to the French speaking Togo border) and meet some of the very friendly residents of the town who may stop to visit.


Less than a mile and a half walk from your lodging is a compound of traditional dancers and drummers willing to teach you traditional Ghanaian dances.