Sample... Itinerary

Apprentice-students will be working in different locations during their classes. The weavers will work in a nearby compound in walking distance. The pottery classes will be held in a village several miles away and will require two types of transportation and a short walk to arrive.


A Sample Day

Breakfast is served early so those traveling to the pottery village may catch the local  transport to the edge of the village where a taxi will carry us into the village.


The work day in the pottery village is physically intense and usually ends shortly before lunch and we leave for home to eat our lunch and rest.


You are free to walk a mile toward the town to visit the compound of nationally known, Master Kente weaver, Gilbert Bobbo Ahiagble.

Although Mr. Ahiabgle is no longer with us his legend and work lives on through his family of weavers that still produce authentic Ewe Kente  cloth today. 

Feel free to special order a cloth for your trip home or purchase table mats and runners  available for immediate purchase.


The beach and town is a short TroTro ride or a long breezy walk. Swimming is not reccommended due to the very strong under-tow...even for strong swimmers.

Bathing suits can be a cultural challenge for our female participants.

However, you will see local children, some non-locals and fishermen in the gulf.


 A Sample week



Report to class - M-F (some Saturdays)
Continue Independent Traditional Work at the compound or explore via a walk 
Ewe Language experiences

Down Time
Dinner followed by a Daily Briefing: QA
Quiet Time/Bed time


FREE DAY on your own. Sunday (unless there is a 4a.m. firing)

Meals served on regular schedule.






* Due to the time and method required to travel round trip to Kuli, we will have morning sessions in the village. Clay will be available at the compound for independent practice after lunch. Pottery students will stop making pots at the end of approximately 11 days so they can dry in time for firing to take home. Weather may impact the production and firing of your pottery and is beyond our control. The trip dates were chosen to lessen the chances of encountering all-day rains.

** All classes are held outside, so weather will impact your class, and is beyond our control. Therefore, unfortunately, no fees will be refunded due to weather.