Travel Preparation

As with any trip, there are many things to consider in advance, in order to make your trip the most enjoyable and rewarding. African Crafts Travel has compiled a list of things to consider before your departure.

Some tasks are best accomplished early in your preparations, such as getting the proper visas, medical documents and medication,release forms and travel arrangements.

Other tasks, such as general packing and preparations, can be done a few weeks to a few days before your departure.



Contact the W.H.O. and the CDC to determine what is medically required and recommended for your trip to Ghana. Please allow enough time to secure the required shots..some require more timed doses. Have a sufficient supply of your prescribed medications to last in-flight travel and the duration of your stay in Ghana.Pack your meds in your carry on and in their original bottles. A copy of the coverage declaration/ page of your Medical Evacuation Policy must be scanned and emailed to 10 days prior to your departure (I usually purchase with my airline ticket).



Given the airline practices I suggest that you consider a cancellation policy...check with your airline for their particular cancellation policy.

Most international flights allow two free checked bags. Check with your airline. Careful...if your transit flight are also domestic be certain that they will honor your international two bag allowance. This also applies for your carry-on size policy.



All of our needs are different so these are suggestions. Working pottery village attire for women...cotton cloth to wrap around your hip and falls around your ankles; head scarf; tank or T-shirts; well-supporting sandals; flip flops(wet conditions); 





























































Review these important items by downloading our extensive  PDF forms, sign and notarize where necessary and scan and email or return via USPS.


General Liability Release of Claims.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [42.5 KB]

Kente Weavers of the Volta Region, Ghana

Please visit the Department of State Website for additional information on travel to Ghana.

hold harmless agreement2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [47.9 KB]